Access To Hiraoka Tree Center Via Public Transport

I found this amazing park of crimson red maple via Google.

Not only it has line of red and orange maples, there was also beautiful pond and small japanese garden at the other side.

My hubby and our 3 kids. 

Google says the place is Hiraoka Jugei Center, Sapporo. 

But to be exact, on Google Map it is labeled as Hiraoka Tree Center which is about 1 km from Hiraoka Jugei Center.

Entrance fee was free.

We went with 4 kids (that included a baby) on 1st November 2018

Access to Hiraoka Tree Center

Take Tozai Line Subway bound for Shin Sapporo.

Get off at Oyachi Station.

At Oyachi Station, go to bus terminal.

At the bus terminal 

The bus terminal is accessible from Oyachi Station. After the train station’s exit gate, just follow the sign board with picture of bus or where it says Bus Terminal.

Right in front of ticket’s exit gate, you will see this signage. Follow the arrow to Bus Terminal


Then you will see this signage


Follow the bus picture for bus terminal

Once you arrived at the area of Bus Terminal, go to Terminal #4.

Go straight to bus terminal no. 4

At Terminal #4, line up and take Bus 69.

Bus 69 is bound for Hakuyodai Danchi.

Get off at Hiraoka 4 Ju 2 Chome.

Stop at bus stop Hiraoka 4 Ju 2 Chome


The bus timetable. Take a look at the timetable for bus number 69 at the left most. Approximately every 30 minutes on weekdays.

If you cannot understand name of bus stop that the bus announce, it’s ok. Just look at the announcement board at the front of the bus.

Be ready when it write ‘something 4 something 2 something’.

It says at the announcement board in front of the bus

Many people also get off here.

The entrance is just 1-2 minutes walk from the bus stop.

The entrance

To go back to Oyachi station, just take the bus across the road.

Bus timetable to return to Oyachi Station. Right across park’s entrance.


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