Kids’ Facilities at Nakajima Park, Sapporo, Hokkaido

One of the park in Sapporo that had our love at first sight is Nakajima Park.

All the park in Japan is beautiful, but this one is extra special because it has playground and Children Center.

Our kids totally love to spend their time here.

The playground 

If you want to go directly to Nakajima Park, take Subway Namboku Line and take Exit #3.

Here, upon exiting the tunnel, you will be greeted by the golden Ginkgo tree at the very first sight out of the subway.

The playground is just at the right of the exit #3

It has see saw, slide, climbing frame, swings and many more.

Kids at Nakajima Park Sapporo

Maryam enjoying this obstacle playground

Bench for us parents to sit while watching our kids, while at the same time enjoying breathtaking autumn view

Playground at Nakajima Park

Oh so many to play with

The Children Center

If it’s rainy, head to Children Center. You can enter here even if it’s dry day. It’s free.

Oh my, it is toy’s heaven for our kids. 

Kids children center Nakajima park, Sapporo

All the toys are kept in rack, neatly. My boy, Muhammad instantly head to toy train and made really long train

Hannah enjoying play with the locals

Be sure to write your name at the entrance. Put your shoes at the shoe box at the front door. 

Every toy rack has it’s label. So after each play, make sure your kids put it back according to it’s rack.

It also has clean warm toilet. Easy for kids to use.

It also feature book room, but if I’m not mistaken, it’s all japanese written book.

Your kids can also play with little car or play ball. There are room for that.

All in all, our kids really love this park, which is why we chose our Airbnb near Nakajima Park.

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